Thursday, November 28, 2013


28 fun things to be thankful for this November 28
  1. 5% cash back on all my online shopping with my credit card
  2. No-bake cookies
  3. Inside jokes
  4. Only having classes on Monday and Wednesday
  5. That the TV cameras love me
  6. Insomnia Cookies after a bad test
  7. The Rec Center and all the fun exercise equipment
  8. Perfect hair
  9. Kate Spade surprise sales
  10. Mangok Mathiang
  11. TJ Max Home Goods
  12. Cheering on the Cards at Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium
  13. An awesome internship in the Office of Admissions
  14. Chocolate fountains
  15. Diet Coke that gives me life
  16. Studying abroad
  17. National Championship gear that says University of Louisville
  18. Tom + Chee grilled cheese donuts
  19. Seeing Luke Bryan in concert
  20. Kroger points for gas
  21. Craft time
  22. Nap time
  23. Snack time
  24. That Laura Prepon will be back for a few more episodes in Orange is the New Black
  25. A house close to campus
  26. Supportive friends to help fuel my Taco Bell addiction
  27. My sisters who lend a hand, a shoulder to cry on, and the possibilities for an endless wardrobe
  28. Apple Maps. I would be so lost without you.

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